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FindMyDrone.info – the first search service for lost drones

We offer:

  • International website to search lost drones, drone stores and repair shops
  • Registration center for private drones (September 2015)
  • E-shop for devices to prevent drone missings and to search drones (November 2015)
  • Insurance services for drones (2016)

Why we think it is so important?

According to our survey 46,39 % of drone pilots at least once have lost their drone and only less than half of them (44%) have found them later. At the same time, the average price of drone with equipment is more than 2000 $, so it is very unpleasant to loose such expencive thing.

Of course, some of these drones are lost completely: fell down from the high or have sunk. But lot of them were found by other people later and they do not found the owner. We provide easy service to inform about drone loss and to connect drone owners with people who have found someones drone.

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