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First of all, check whether someone lost a drone near your finding. You can check it here: findmydrone.info/category/lost-drone

If there is no announcement of the loss, you can post an ad about the finding on our website in the section findmydrone.info/category/found-drone, post a picture and note time and place where you found the drone.

If you are seriously engaged in sale, purchase or repair of drones, then we have developed a commercial plan for the usage of our service just for you .

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You can find more detailed information here: findmydrone.info/featured-plans.

If you are engaged in repair and restoration of the drones, you can buy a special commercial plan for 6 months (during the season).

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  • Dedicated classified ads in “Premium Featured Ads“;
  • The ability to place banners on special terms;
  • One publication in two months in our Facebook group in your country;
  • Newsletter (1 per week) about your services to those who have lost a drone in your region during the month.


For more detailed information can be found here: findmydrone.info/featured-plans.

Drones are becoming more and more popular, they are all around us, so remember our website, maybe it will be helpful for your friends, relatives or acquaintances.

And if you find a someone’s drone, you will always know where you can announce it for FREE.

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Neither unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is insured against an accidental loss. There are many reasons: software errors, pilot errors or external influences.

According to our research, drones that are not equipped with global positioning systems and search beacons are lost more often. But even the presence of such systems is not a 100% guarantee against the loss of device.

We conduct regular surveys among our customers and the pilots of drones, so the actual statistics of losses you can see here: findmydrone.info/have-you-ever-lost-your-drone.

Unfortunately, there is currently no mean that 100% guarantees you safety of drone while it is flying.
However, you can protect yourself by using simple rules:

  1. Estimate your capabilities, knowledge and experience and choose a model based on it, and not on the cost of the first device. The more complex to manage the model is, the easier it is to lose it.
  2. Pre-flight check. Make sure the device is corrected, the batteries are charged, and the most important – there is a signal from the transmitter! Before starting it is important to make sure that it is properly configured and it is functioning and also to check the stability of the signal.
  3. If you are flying visually (i.e. without using FPV-equipment), limit the flight zone of 50 m.
  4. Do not fly during strong winds. Novice pilots have nothing to do in the air when the wind speed is about 4-6 m/s.
  5. Avoid possible sources of radiation and interference (cell towers, metal clusters, operating airports and so on). They can cause inappropriate behavior of onboard electronics of your drone.
  6. Do not chase the height and speed. Complicate the flights gradually.
  7. Navigate the terrain. While flying with FPV-systems try to remember the landmarks.
  8. Equip drone with a search system – conventional GSM-beacon that can be purchased in our store or in the nearest shop.
  9. Sign up your drone on our website and post an ad as quickly as possible in case of loss.
  10. If you still lost your drone, be sure to announce it on our website and assign a reward for the finding, so you can get it back faster.

Do I have to offer a reward if my drone found?


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